Reverse Withdrawal

What is the Reverse Withdrawal Feature?

What is Reverse Withdrawal ?

When you request a withdrawal from a gambling site, it may not get processed instantly allowing reverse withdrawal. This is usually because a site is dealing with a large number of such requests at any given time. The actual withdrawal process itself will vary from one site to the next, but there are certain security checks that have to be carried out and this can take some time. It is therefore not really feasible for all withdrawals to get processed the moment they are requested.

At some sites your request will simply be added to a queue and dealt with by the relevant department in turn. At other sites, there are specific times when all outstanding requests are sent to the relevant department. Either way, there is typically a period of time between you making your withdrawal request and that request being processed.

During this period, you may be able to cancel your withdrawal. This is known as a reverse withdrawal, and it’s a feature that many gambling sites offer their customers. Your previously withdrawn funds are placed back into your online account, and made available for betting and gaming purposes.

Why Do Sites Offer Reverse Withdrawals?

All gambling sites that offer the reverse withdrawal feature do so in the hope that their customers will be more likely to lose back any winnings they make. I don’t fully buy into this theory personally. I can accept that there are certainly some sites that probably view the reverse withdrawal feature as a tool for increasing profits, but I don’t accept that all sites view it this way.

For one thing, there are plenty of very reputable and trustworthy gambling sites that offer the reverse withdrawal feature. I simply can’t believe that their motivation for this is to try and get more money out of their customers. It is far more likely that it is to try and save money on processing costs.

Transaction Costs

Every time you deposit or withdraw from a gambling site, the site incurs costs for processing the transaction. Across all the transactions a site has to process on a daily basis, these costs add up to a significant sum. If a customer has requested a withdrawal, and then decides they want to gamble some more, it makes perfect sense to allow them to reverse that withdrawal as it reduces the costs involved for the site.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that it’s a more convenient option for the customer too. Personally, I would much rather reverse a withdrawal than make another deposit. I’d probably have to wait at least a day or two until I actually see the withdrawn funds back in my bank account or e-wallet, so there doesn’t seem much point in using more of my funds to make a deposit when I can just cancel a withdrawal.

I know for a fact that I’m far from the only person that feels this way, so it would be reasonable to assume that at least some sites offer the reverse withdrawal feature because it’s what their customers want.


The Case Against Reverse Withdrawals

I’ve already touched on the main reason why some people don’t think gambling sites should offer reverse withdrawals. It’s simply because they feel it makes them more likely to give back any money they may have won. I have some sympathy with this point of view, but I just don’t think it’s a valid reason for criticizing this sites.

The simple fact of the matter is that anyone who has the discipline to make a withdrawal at the right time! They should surely also have the discipline not to reverse that withdrawal unless they genuinely want to. I understand that it can be hard to resist temptation on occasion.

If a gambler is not able to control their urges then you have to question whether they should be gambling in the first place.

My View

I think I’ve probably made it clear that I don’t see a problem with the reverse withdrawal feature. In gambling sites treating their customers fairly, and am very critical of practices which go against this principle. But I really don’t think that offering a reverse withdrawal feature is in any way unfair. I’d even go a step further and say that I think it actually provides a convenient option on occasion.

There are a couple of caveats to my view though. Firstly, the period during which withdrawals can be reversed should not be too long. 24 hours is the maximum I like to see. Secondly, I prefer if sites that offer the reverse withdrawal feature allow for manual flushing. Manual flushing is when you contact a site and ask them to move your pending withdrawal into the processing queue. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will get processed any quicker, but it removes the option for you to reverse it.

Any site that offers reverse withdrawals and manual flushing is, in my opinion, acting perfectly responsibly. Also giving their customers the options to do what suits them best.


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