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Roulette House Edge

Why Roulette House Edge is not Bad?

Roulette house edge is what makes casinos their profit. It provides a predictable long-term advantage to the casino, or “house”, while offering the player the possibility of a large short-term payout. But on the flip side, it creates a long-term disadvantage to the player.

What Is The House Edge In Roulette?

The H.E (expected value) varies in roulette from 1.35% to 5.26% depending on the roulette wheel layout. French roulette, due to “half back” rule, has a H.E of 1.35%. European roulette, with its single zero slot, has a H.E of 2.70%. American roulette, with double zero slots, has the highest house edge of 5.26%.

Important: Roulette is in the mid-range for casino games when it comes to the H.E.

This article shows you how to apply the idea of house edge to your roulette casino game. You will see how this affects which roulette wheel to choose. After that I have outlined how bonuses and comps can reduce the casinos advantage plus I have also mentioned about roulette betting systems. Finally, you will find recommendations for the best online roulette casinos for US and international players.

Choose The Right Roulette Wheel

There are three main types of roulette game

These is the American roulette wheel which has the extra double zero slot. The European roulette wheel which has single zero slot and French roulette wheel which has a special ‘half back’ rule when the ball lands in the zero slot.


Roulette House Advantage

Here are the base house edge advantages in percentage for each roulette game:

  • American : 5.26% due to double zero slots
  • European: 2.7% due to single zero slot
  • French : 1.35%  due to half back rule (for even money bets only)

 Roulette For The Casino

As you can see, the extra ‘double zero’ on the American roulette wheel makes an huge difference, almost doubling the casino house edge. All even money and 1/3rd bets lose when either zero is hit, which is a bigger disadvantage to players.

How To Get the Edge

People will try to sell you a betting systems that claim to be able to beat the house in roulette games.

You should understand that logically, there is no way a sequence of bets can beat a built-in advantage over the long term. These systems can help even out swings in the short-term. In the long run all users however confident and dismissive they might appear will go broke.

If you have any doubts, just compare the fact that casinos around the world welcome roulette ‘systems bettors’, at the same time as banning and prosecuting Blackjack card counters who find ways to get a tiny advantage over the house.

Roulette House Edge Calculator

As you have read above the roulette house edge for a casino does not change much as it is set for each type of the roulette wheel. The American double zero, the worst for the player, is 5.26%, the European single zero is 2.7%, and the French, the best for a roulette player, stands at 1.35%. You may find fancy sites offering roulette house edge calculators but they are just marketing tools which don’t offer any real benefits to the players.

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