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What really means GAMIFICATION?

Online casino players will often run across the term “gamification” or “gamified” when reading about real money internet gaming sites.

It’s a strange word, and it hasn’t been around very long. We’ll look at its origins, meanings, and applications for online gamblers.

In a nutshell, it is simply a technique designed to get you, the user, more invested in the process of playing online casino games.


You enter the lobby and are greeted by a narrative about a fantastic world you can participate in. There may be a backstory that you can explore that describes the characters and situations that helped shape the world.

You may be invited to create or choose an avatar, and you may be presented with a character who is just beginning their journey through the game world.

Welcome bonuses or a small amount of “loot” or other earn virtual currency or items may be given to you when you deposit.

As you play casino games, participate in tournaments, and spend time on the gaming site. Certain tasks may be presented and rewards. Alternatively, you may simply earn credit by the amount of your gambling turnover.

If the site happens to provide games by Yggdrasil, Radi8, or another avant-garde game developer there may be gamification built into some of the slots and even some of the table games.



BOOST and BRAG are in-game promotion tools that Yggdrasil uses to gamify their titles with missions, prize drops, and other incentives. Adding elements of competition and status to the otherwise non competitive odds-driven games like roulette.


In other words, gamification applies game-design elements and principles such as:

  • points
  • badges
  • leaderboards
  • performance tracking
  • avatars, and sometimes teammates…

…all couched within a meaningful story – to the user experience (UX), but not necessarily into the gambling games themselves. Most gamification occurs around the games in 2020, not within them.

There is something simply irresistible about competing and tracking one’s own progress, comparing it to others’, and being rewarded for accomplishments.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about the technique is that it is passive science. Users can choose to engage in the added element or simply go to the casino lobby. Choose any sort of gambling game, and enjoy the timeless rewards of winning money for a clever bet or a lucky spin.

It is non-intrusive but available as a means to augment and enhance your gambling experience!



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